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Dear followers (haa sounds great) so what about Cartagena? It's just a lovely tiny historical city. I had seen the entire old town in 1-2 hours walk. On my second day in the Carrabiean I got tempted what the locals called ''The Mud Volcan''! Instead of seeing a 2000 meter high volcano spitting mud, I found a small hill (not more than 15 m high :p) where you could dip inside into a huge hole full of mud. Together with the people I met on the bus we were pretty sure to have been caught in a very common tourist trap. However it was just awesome :) My face and beard covered with a thick grey mud, I looked more like a monster than a person getting a face peeling! Surprisingly the density of the mud is so dofferent from that of humn that you cannot push yourself down. After a 30 minute bath you climb down the terrific volcano and head towards a beach to wash yourself. But be careful as the beach was full of women who took ones pants of to wash them in return of a few pesos. I had been warned so I knew to stay away from those women, however an australian guy didn't pay as much attention and was soon finding himself naked on the beach while an old lady was rubbing his pants! His girlfriend didn't looked amused :)
Cartagena was nice but waaay too touristic! Everything is overpriced and if you're unlucky a huge boat packed with 4000 germans wearing sandals will flood the town. So I decided to head to the Tayrona Parc the day after. After a 6 hours bus ride, (best regards to the german couple I met which asked the name of my blog, hope you enjoy reading it! ) I arrived at the main entrance of the parc and was really pissed off not to be a student anymore as the entrance fee was 5 times as high for non-student travellers. I had planned to sleep at a camping, Cabo San Juan, as they were offering hamokees with a magnificient 360-vue over Tayrona Parc. To get there took me a painfull 2 hours of hiking through a dense jungle, where I had the pleasure to see monkeys, all kinds of lizzards and something like a wild pig :) But it was worth the effort as I came totally wasted at the camping and was just astonished by the amazing view, mother nature! I spend my time there lying alone on a wild beach, listening to the crush of the waves and trying to improve my spanish. Only thing missing was a book...
After a day at the parc, I returned to Cartagena, met hiips of travellers with whom I had a great night! Though you have to like rum and colombian music :-) Next stop was Medellín!
I was very curious to discover this city, which is Colombia's main financial center, as I had found there an internship last year but hadn't taken it.
My hostel was in the very nice and cosy neighborhood of Poblado. First thing I did was going into the streets looking for something to eat. If I mean something to eat, it's not Chicken with rice! For those who don't know, Colombia probably consumes daily more rice than entire Asia together. Everything is with rice, from breakfast to dinner ;-) Soo I found a lovely vegetarian place where I took a libanese plate with humus and falafel and avocado. Yeah I know a man needs to eat meat, but this was just an amazingly well deserved 'gastronomic' trip. In the hostel, Casa Kiwi, which I by the way warmly recommend, I met a really cool mexican guy. The next day we decided to expore Medellín together. The city of famous Pablo Escobar is very similar to were I go skiing, except there's no snow. The city is full of cable cars which give you fantastic views over the metropole. For those who think that the city is still one of the most dangerous worldwide, you are WRONG :) It has a fantastic metro, looooads of nice bars (Zona Rosa) and good restaurants. And most importantly so friendly and nice people, called the Paisás! My third day in Medellín consisted of a day trip to Guatapé, which is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. It's an entire valley that has been flodded back in the 70's in order to provide the region of Medellín with electricty. But the magnificient sight has to be deserved as I had to climb up around 725 stairs to get to the top of a natural rock from where you see the entire picture :-) Be sure to check out the picture in my album! I was back in the afternoon and enjoyed the rest of my day playing futbol with guys from the hostel. We had planned to go and drink aguardiente, but after almost 3 hours of playing we were all good for going to bed :p Ph yeaa had almost forgot to mention that as I had taken no book with me on my trip I was sure I could find a kindle in Medellin! Well no, that was just impossible, and after looking a day long for such thing a found a library 5 mintues before it closed. So I ran into it hoping to find a good english book. I was soo naïve! The only books they had was Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, Notebook and stuff like that :p But Colombia be blessed, I found 1984 from George Orwell, I was lucky this time! Being able to finally reading a book has come as a real relieve to me!
After three days in the old drug cartel, I took a bus to Manizales from where I would enter the Zona Cafetaria and explore the amazing Cocora Valley! But I think I will stop for today as I 'm for the first time in my life in an internet cafe and the guy waiting for my computer seems to be in a desperate need of Facebook or any kind of social media. Tomorrow I will cross into Ecuador and head straight to Quito from where I will narrat you my last few days in Colombia which were by far the best so faar, so keep on posted :-)

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