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I´m just oerly happy to have contcted Nicolas to gain some information about Colombia. Well it tourned out waaay better than expected. So he come to pick me up at the airport and only told me we would go the day after into the deep colombian amazonia. So on Saturday the 2nd of May we took a flight from Bogotá to Florencia, in the so-called Caquetá region. Soon after we landed I was sitting in a boat-taxi cruising through the Rio Huacha, or more commonly known as the Unfaithful river due to its treacherous streams. After a fun 1 hour ride we arrived at his family's ´´finca´´. (like a range)
First day there he took me for a horse ride through the jungle, followed by a small fishing session in the middle of an incredible jungle. Forget about snakes, apes, caymans, that was just AWESOME. Felt like a real explorer, and after 4 hours of riding, swimming with the horses through muddy water, I gave Mango, my horse´s name, a well deserved good evening clap.
In the evening we enjoyed drinking a few beers, without forgetting to put a lot, I mean a lot, of insect reppelent as there a more mosquitos than gentes in this region. The day after we went on the finca´s small boat to enjoy some swimming in an amazonian river (yes I'm now officially a man). While cruising through the river we found (Nicolas, his cousin, two friends of him, Naldo and I) two dogs which had felt into the river and couldn´t get back onto the higher plane topping the river. So we tried to take the two of them on the boat but they were wild and very affraid, so better not get bitten by a hobo dog :) Finally one dog got back on the river bank and escaped whereas we took the other one on to our boat and brought him back to the finca where he will now peacefully live within a community of cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, horses and loads of cows (over 300). The folks where still undecided what he should be called. When I left the finca, the dog's provisionna name was Kaiser :) .
We got back tp FLorencia, after two marvelous days and guess what it got even better as Nicolas and his family didn't stop to surprise me. As such, on our third day together we went to swim into a jungle gorge. Hot and clear water, a few bears and local food made it an unforgettable moment. Unfortunately as we had to swim river-up to get to this place I didn't take my camera with me. For the rest we spend a quiet day in a nice but cheap hotel in Florencia. I took the opportunity to wander through the city, buying a colombian sim card integration with a huge I) Funny thing was that everybody was looking at me in the streets, and it seems that they rarely have tourists in the region of Caquetá. When I flew back to Bogotá I had the confirmation of my hypothesis when the policeman controlling my passport checked on google what Luxembourg was :p Well it seems that I´ve been the first Luxembourger in Florencia. ¡Great success!
We took almost all the time the cab to get from one place to another in Florencia as it is quite cheap. We had almost all the time the same driver, Ramiri, who took wonderfully care of us. He told me a story what the workers from the finca told me as well. It's called the Machaka! The Machaka is an insect living in the Amazonian river and if you get stung by it, you have, top notch, 1 hour to get laid. If not you'll simply die :) So apparently if you see one and you're a true ma,n you'll try to get stung by it to prove everyone that you can quickly get a girl into your nest. Another 'funny' story was at ou rfirst nioght at the finca, the house keepers' son told us he had seen a cayman in a lagoon. So after dinner, it was around 10 pm', we took our front lights and cameras and went into hip-high water searching for a crocodile. I felt like Bear Grylls! Unfortunately after 2 hours of walking through that grassy and muddy water, which is by the way home of a few anacondas, we returned without seeing the crocodile. Maybe it was better that way! Oh yes and the food was amazing, I ate a piranhaand even fished a small one :) .
After so much excitement, we returned to Bogotá where I took a flight for the Carrabian cost, to Cartagena. I arrived and instantly felt the heat just crushing on me. 32 degrees and no wind! I will try to recover best from the sunburns I got from the Amazonian trip and enjoy a few days here before heading to famous city Medellín!
Why imercion total? Because everyone speaks spanish and I have to check daily my dictionnary to pick up new lines in order to at least understand a litte what people tell me :p
Hasta luego amigos

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fsntastic Raphael, you really discovered the jungle,
what a great start on your trip.
Abrazos compadrito , JP

by jean-pierre masson

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